Find the best Influencers

Based on our data analysis system, look for influencers who can advertise products most efficiently in Instagram

Data analysis system

Analyze influence to increase cost effectiveness. Measure percentage of how many followers are responding to influencer followers and follower gender ratio


The influencer's cost structure is in the form of 【Number of people you want to reach × unit price】.Unit price is 0.02-0.03$ at low and 0.04-0.06 at high.

About Influencer JPN

We provide marketing support to companies that are considering developing their products in the Japanese market.

The main service content is a comprehensive service from searching for the most efficient and cost-effective influencer to approaching and distributing and analyzing advertisements.

Our feature is to find the most cost-effective influencers.

Influencer marketing makes it possible for more people to recognize the product.

In particular, influencer marketing using Instagram, which has the most momentum in Japan, has been attracting attention in recent years because it is cheap and can advertise to more people.

However, just having an unspecified number of people recognize it,
You can’t say you’re advertising efficiently.

In particular, influencer marketing using Instagram is more difficult than youtube / twitter / facebook to measure how much users are interested in the product.

In other words, it ’s not clear which influencers are effectively advertising.

For example, if you want to advertise products for women, it would be
inefficiency to hire influencers supported by many men.

We analyzed two metrics that represent which influencers were able to advertise effectively.

The first indicator is how much the follower is responding (likes) to the number of followers

The second indicator is the percentage of male and female influencer followers

Using these two indicators, it is possible to find the right influencer according to the product you want to advertise.