Four reasons why fashion influencers choose Instagram

Why do fashion influencers tend to use Instagram as their main platform? A fashion influencer is a beauty professional who is sensitive to fashion, such as beauty, fashion brands, makeup and apparel, or is within easy reach of celebrities. It is an influencer of the target genre.

Many fashion influencers are fashion bloggers, make-up artists, clothing and jewelry brand staff and hairdressers, and many other fashion influencers are popular because of their credibility in posting.

Why is Instagram so attractive as an easy-to-follow social network?

The answer is,
・ You can see the daily life of Instagram by scrolling a little in the free time
・ Learn how-to on fashion and makeup
・ You can also post easily
Because of this simplicity, Instagram currently has 400 million active users per day and 700 million active users per month.

Here are four main reasons why fashion influencers use Instagram.

Reason 1. Simple format and layout that is easy to use

Instagram’s simple layout and ease of communication make it easy for anyone to become a great photographer.

Fashion influencers such as JULIE SARI (ANA (@sincerelyjules), ANDY TORRES (@stylescrapbook), and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, talented people who are called geniuses in every style are themselves through personal accounts. The unique aura is appealing.

Today’s influencers are at the top of the fashion genre in the digital world, with daily clothes, travel and leisure, and postings of favorite trends boasting huge popularity. With Instagram, you can edit your own photos and post them with captions and emoji.

In addition, Instagram launched Instagram Stories about two years ago.
Story function is a function to create a slideshow by combining multiple photos and videos. This slide show is deleted every 24 hours, so you can post without worrying about the number of posts. The story function has been popular with general users who are not influencers since it started.

Through Instagram stories, influencers can also post real-time outfits step by step or post action videos about where they are and what they are doing. Posting high-sense stories that match your target audience will be a great way to expand your reach.

Reason 2: specialized in aesthetic sense

Compare the two major social media platforms in the 21st century, Instagram and Facebook. Facebook is primarily public for family connections, so it looks publicly free for everyone, but Instagram is trendy and sensitive.

Facebook is popular because it allows you to post multiple photos and videos that all your friends can see. As people get older, the tendency to use Facebook grows, and you can easily share your experiences as I said, “I went to this place with this person. So I took such a nice picture.” For example, Grandpa and Grandma can see what their children and grandchildren were doing, and if you get used to it, you can use it as a convenient tool to post your leisure activities.

On the other hand, Instagram is an SNS for showing great photos taken by users. Thinking as a fashion influencer, it ’s better to post photos to Instagram than to keep a photo set of the day for Facebook.
As the term “instagenic”, which combines photogenic and instagram, has become popular, the demand is high because the viewers of Instagram expect to open “fashionable photos”.

Reason 3: Create a personal account

Unlike other social networking services, Instagram is characterized by the fact that most people use their “Instagram account” as a tool to introduce themselves and fully appeal with photos.

Using the self-introduction column (Bio) and a grid-post photo set, you can see what the person is just by looking at the profile. Grid means splitting, and you can divide a single photo into multiple photos and post them on your profile screen.

This is an important issue for influencers, and by devising this profile screen, you can make it more attractive to your audience.

Reason 4: Easy to relate to business

One of the most important reasons that fashion influencers use Instagram is that they can get paid. An attractive influencer can pay you just by posting about your daily life.

Fashion influencers often have active followers ranging from approximately 10,000 to 500,000. With such a large audience, brands can first confirm that influencers can influence their followers.

Because the impact is not just about interest in products and services, but also often leads to purchasing, brands need to constantly develop tie-up strategies with influencers.

There are many brands that want to sell new products and products with the help of fashion influencers, but fashion influencers are “fashion bloggers” in everyday life. Recent research has also shown that you can set up a 7% to 10% commission on sales for all products that influencers help sell.


Now you can search whatever you want at your fingertips and express your ideas and opinions freely. In general, social media is known to be a fun way to appeal to yourself in everyday life.

Instagram is one of the world’s leading social media platforms and has grown since it was launched in 2010. For influencer marketing, Instagram is a great tool for connecting brands and influencers, and the platform for maximum engagement and reach across all genres.

It’s important to note that the more followers of fashion influencers you tie up, the more likely your advertising costs will be.

However, fashion influencer posts sometimes have a significant impact on product purchases. The brand can appeal to the influencer’s followers by asking the influencer, “Please post a photo of this new product! And hashtag it to spread the brand name!”

It will be important for companies to choose influencers to tie up, considering the influence of influencers and their brands as well as the cost of influencer marketing.

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