Effects of influencer marketing as seen from marketer survey results

Influencer marketing spreads to various industries, and the topic of campaigns tied up with influencers in 2019 is endless.

US influencer marketing agent Mediakix conducts annual surveys on influencer marketing trends. Based on the latest survey of more than 160 marketers, the influencer marketing industry in 2019 is predicted to “keep growing”.

In this issue, we will introduce four key trends in the influence of influencer marketing that can be seen from the results of Mediakix.

80% say “influencer marketing is effective”

Regardless of the industry, many brands have good results in influencer marketing. In this survey, 80% of marketers said “influencer marketing is effective” and 35% of them said “very effective”. 5% of marketers replied that “influencer marketing is not effective” and 0% of marketers replied that they were “not effective at all”.

“Government awareness” and “direct response” are generally cited as the goals of campaigns tied up with influencers. The following KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are included in the campaign. There is.

[Brand recognition]

Social reach: followers, subscribers, impressions
・ Engagement: Good! , Comments, sentiment, share, mention
・ Press, media mention, website traffic

[Direct response]

・ Sales / Conversion
・ Conversion value
・ Lead
・ Number of sign-ups
·Number of downloads
・ Click-through rate

Considering various KPIs, 80% of all marketers feel that influencer marketing is effective in reaching the goals of brand awareness and direct response. In recent years, topics about campaigns tied up with influencers in all industries such as fashion, food, and fitness have been taken up, and many specific campaign results have been reported, such as reaching new audiences and increasing sales. It can be said that it is a convincing figure.

2.71% said “customer quality gained through influencers is higher than other marketing methods”

Newer marketing techniques such as influencer marketing can be characterized by comparing the differences with traditional marketing techniques.

When asked the surveyed marketers, “Do you think the quality of customers gained through influencer marketing is higher than the quality of customers gained through other marketing methods?” 53% answered “I think so”. In other words, 71% of all customers are from traditional marketing methods such as email, social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PR, and paid search (access via search engine ads). However, customers who have acquired through influencers feel that quality is high.

23% of marketers answered “I can’t say either” to the above question, and 6% said “I don’t think so.”

Audiences that can be reached through influencer marketing are “followers” ​​who are interested in the information sent by the influencers, and the followers are interested in the categories sent by the influencers. For example, the followers of influencers who send information about “Diet” are “people who are interested in diet”.

The brand may find it more common to followers who are interested in the same category and already have a trusting relationship with the influencer rather than a randomly gathered potential customer. not.

60% are “quality better than customers via other paid media sources”

Next, I asked, “Do you think the quality of customers gained through influencer marketing is higher than the quality of customers from paid media such as social media ads and click-type ads?” As a result, 60% of marketers answered “I think so”.

For paid media ads, you can place brand ads in the best places, such as search engines, websites, and social media pages. If the brand invests $ 1 in Google AdWords, the average return is said to be $ 2.

In this way, paid media advertising has a significant advantage for brands, but influencer marketing ROI (Return On Investment) is said to be 11 times that of other digital media. In addition, EMV (Earned Media Value), a measure of the effectiveness of influencer campaigns, is reported at $ 11.69 for every $ 1 investment.

Influencers are “stars” and followers for followers. If a person you are admiring introduces a specific product or service, you can achieve a higher ROI than if the brand itself is disseminating information.

3.89% said “ROI for influencer marketing is at least equal to other marketing methods”

ROI is an important metric for measuring the effectiveness of influencer campaigns. Measuring ROI is still a challenge in the influencer marketing industry, but the method has been gradually established by marketers, with 89% of respondents saying “effective or better than other marketing methods” And more than half of them say that influencer marketing ROI is better than other marketing methods.

89% say “Instagram is important in influencer marketing strategies”

Choosing the right campaign platform is one of the key points in increasing influencer marketing ROI.

There are many platforms where influencer marketing is implemented, but Instagram is attracting attention. In June 2018, the number of users worldwide exceeded 1 billion, and the video posting tool “IGTV” and several tools for online shopping were released. It is attracting attention as an important marketing tool. In 2018, the popularity of Instagram stories exploded, attracting more than twice as many active users as Snapchat.

Top 5 popular marketing platforms:

1st place: Instagram (89%)
2nd place: YouTube (70%)
3rd place: Facebook (45%)
4th place: Blog (44%)
5th place: Twitter (33%)

(Multiple answers)

The top three popular content submission formats are as follows:

1st place: Instagram Post (78%)
2nd place: Instagram story (73%)
3rd place: YouTube video (56%)

(Multiple answers)

Instagram is easy to get word of mouth for the following reasons, and is a platform with high affinity with influencer marketing.

・ You can appeal to your vision using photos
・ I want to share content with high creativity that makes “Instagram”
・ Easy to understand the influencer’s lifestyle

Influencers who tied up with the brand casually incorporate the brand’s products and services into their daily lives to create Instagram content. One of the appeals of influencer marketing is the ability to develop advertising campaigns that do not “impress” followers. As a result, followers take action to “like” content shared by influencers and share content, resulting in word of mouth.

The following article introduces the campaign using Instagram, such as the mechanism of Instagram influencer marketing.

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4.65% Expand influencer marketing budget in 2019 ”

The impact of influencer marketing has become recognized, and 65% of marketers surveyed said they will “expand influencer marketing budgets in 2019”.

Many brands have gained profits by gaining good customers through influencer campaigns, and other brands that have witnessed their appearance are continually entering into influencer tie-up campaigns.

The remaining one-third of marketers responded that “allocate the budget as before”.

17% “allocate more than half of the digital marketing budget to influencer marketing”

17% of marketers replied, “Allocate more than half of the digital marketing budget to influencer marketing.”

The 17% of the total is not high at all, but investment in influencer marketing is expected to continue to increase. Already, more than 25% of surveyed marketers say that 40% of their digital marketing budget is allocated to influencer marketing.

69% “allocate the most budget to Instagram”

69% of marketers replied, “Allocate the most budget to Instagram”. That ’s about six times the 11% of YouTube ’s second name. It turns out that Instagram is a strategically important platform for marketers in the influencer marketing industry in 2019.

Why is influencer marketing so effective?

There are several reasons why influencer marketing is said to be effective.

・ Easy targeting ・ Information about online consumers can be obtained ・ Quality customers can be approached ・ Campaign content can be improved

Influencer marketing has the great advantage of being able to reach a wide audience and niche audiences. This allows brands to effectively reach the target audience.

Brands also tie up with influencers who are active in specific categories, such as fashion, games, and technology, to create a wealth of social media audience insights (follower attributes and trends) and online purchases. Get information about behavior.

And it goes without saying that brands have direct access to followers who already have a relationship of trust with influencers. More than 70% of marketers say, “Influencer marketing connects your brand with quality consumers.” Brands can build relationships of trust with consumers and leverage the influence of influencers, trend setters, to influence consumer buying behavior.

In addition, brands can ask influencers for follower details and blog subscriber statistics. You can use that information in your next campaign to reach a more targeted and high quality audience.


This time, we explained the key points of the trend in 2019 based on the results of a survey on the effects of influencer marketing conducted by more than 160 marketers by “Mediakix,” an American influencer marketing agent.

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