Impact on the beauty industry and influencer marketing that require transparency[Part 1]

There is now a movement in the beauty industry to increase “transparency of beauty”. “Transparency of beauty” refers to ethics and reliability in the beauty industry.

The beauty industry, to which brands such as cosmetics, hair care, and skin care belong, has been pointed out for many years that consumers have little knowledge of important information such as raw material quality, retail price increases, and manufacturing processes. It was. There was also an accusation of “racial bias” in the selection of product target groups and models.

Now that a variety of information is available on the Internet, not just in the beauty industry, companies cannot increase their transparency of management and sell their products without the trust of consumers.

Consumers’ demands to learn more about beauty products have also influenced influencer marketing in the beauty industry. Tie-up with influencers who compete for transparency and reliability is the most appropriate promotional tool for beauty brands who want to build transparency and trust with consumers. The

This time, we will discuss the trends in the beauty industry to increase the transparency of beauty and the impact of these changes on influencer marketing, divided into the first part and the second part.

Diversified beauty

The model that plays an active role in the beauty industry was a young white person, and “sysgender” (a person who has the same gender as the mind). In recent years, the concept of accepting diversity such as race, age, and gender has become pervasive among consumers.

Along with this, the beauty industry has expanded its foundation color variations to support all types of skin colors, and has tried to approach a wider range of people by using models of various ages and races.

Some brands also incorporate techniques that allow employees and brand fans to actually use the product. The real voice of employees and fans who are closer to the consumer’s perspective than the famous model is more familiar and valuable to consumers.

Success and failure of beauty diversification

Rihanna’s beauty brand “Fenty”, who is also a singer and model, is recognized as a “comprehensive beauty brand” among people and media interested in beauty.

Fenty has over 40 different foundation color variations to accommodate a variety of skin tones. We are also casting a very diverse model. Fenty is a leading beauty brand that has succeeded in diversifying beauty.

On the other hand, there are companies that ignored the voice of the public and failed to diversify their beauty. Paris beauty brand “Givenchy” unveiled a new series of foundations and concealers, but was accused of being very limited in color and only fits the skin color of some consumers. Several beauty influencers, including make-up artist and YouTuber Jeffree Star, have declared Givenchy to be boycotted.

From a corporate point of view, it is more efficient to sell “one color that matches any skin color”, but in reality such a foundation only fits people with white skin as a base. Brands need to keep an eye on trends in the world, reflect them in product strategies, and convey the brand message to consumers.

Influence on influencer marketing

In the future, the demand for “comprehensive beauty products that don’t matter who you use” will increase. Only companies that can understand and respond to diversity will grow in future global markets.

Influencer marketing is the best way to promote the brand’s philosophy of diversification. By tying up with influencers who are active in audiences that have not been targeted before, brands can acquire new customers and send their thoughts as messages.

In addition, due to the “diversification of beauty”, more and more influencers other than “young white” and “sysgender” that have been common in the beauty industry so far are entering the beauty industry. It is thought to come.

The concept of “clean beauty”

“Clean Beauty” is a movement to eliminate scientific raw materials and toxic substances from beauty products, and is the topic that has become the hottest topic of “beauty transparency”. This concept is spreading from various backgrounds such as environmental protection, allergies, animal protection, and response to consumers who dislike chemical products.

The definitions of words such as “plant-derived”, “organic”, and “natural” that have been widely used in advertising in the beauty industry so far are not clearly defined, but are already becoming words that are n’t going to catch consumers. Consumers are looking for more factual information, such as specific raw materials, rather than the vague image of “natural”.

As a result, the following new words are born.

Natural beauty

Use only plants, minerals, and ingredients extracted from plants

Green beauty

In addition to natural beauty conditions, use environmentally friendly packages and use sustainable manufacturing methods

Non Toxic Beauty

Does not contain toxic raw materials

Organic beauty

Use only organic ingredients

Kururty Free Beauty

Not conducting animal experiments

Vegan beauty

Do not use animal-derived raw materials

These words also have no scientific basis or clear definition, but they are categorized more finely than conventional sales words such as “plant-derived”, “organic”, “natural”, etc., to answer specific consumer needs. It has become.

Influence on influencer marketing

Consumers want to know various information about beauty products, such as raw materials of products, their suppliers, and quality. An influencer can convey that information to the audience in an easy-to-understand manner from the perspective of a “one consumer”.

Influencers are more aggressive than ever and think they recommend products that are scientifically proven, made from high-quality raw materials, transparent supply chains, and ethical marketing methods. It is possible.

Companies also need to be open to product information and aim to be trusted by both influencers and consumers. And the information sent by influencers will need to be more accurate.

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