Effect of influencer marketing

In social media marketing, research has been conducted on how to use so-called triple media of owned media, paid media, and earned media. Paid media, which is hard to measure the engagement effect on users, and earned media, which is difficult to control from the brand side, have plagued many marketers about their advantages and which one is effective. In such a situation, there was a report about the effect that earned media could be profited more effectively by using influencer marketing.

Social development and earned media

Among triple media, earned media has been expected to increase brand awareness and increase sales as social progresses. However, it is difficult to control, and many marketers have spent time analyzing the effects of earned media. Meanwhile, Bust Media, a digital media and technology company in the United States, published the “2014 Influencer Marketing Evaluation Report” and analyzed the effects of earned media through influencer marketing.

Bust Media 2014 Influencer Marketing Survey

The Bust Media report is based on a survey of 15 companies that used 662 social users and bloggers to run campaigns.

The following were used in each influencer marketing campaign.

Posting to your own blog site by brand
Social promotion and brand site diffusion
Influencers and the content they create
All content was high quality and spread through various social networks.

Cost-effectiveness of earned media from influencer marketing is $ 6.85 per dollar

From the survey results, the effect of earned media becomes clear as content is spread using influencer marketing. The cost-effectiveness of influencer marketing is often controversial in how it is measured and its relevance, but research has shown that marketers earn an average of $ 6.85 in profit from paid media versus $ 1.00 It became clear.

Above all, the three industries exceeded the average of $ 6.85, and the cost effectiveness for each $ 1.00 is as follows.

Consumables and food … $ 11.33
Retail apparel … $ 10.48
Travel … $ 7.04
On the other hand, home / garden supplies were the least effective at $ 0.64. The challenge will be to narrow down the appropriate target.

How to use earned media effectively

According to Clickza reporter Tessa Wijart, who provides digital marketing news online, influencer marketing is much more effective for the brand than online chat and earned media. Prime New Visibility Media Manager, David Newman, a comprehensive digital marketing service, uses influencers to deliver the right content to the right social users, not only to increase sales, but also to the brand. It will also lead to the effect of increasing the level of understanding.

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