Influencer marketing trends

Over the past two years, “influencer marketing” appears to have exploded as part of the latest marketing strategy. As influencer marketing strategies evolve, the point of focus for each brand will change. This time, in order to consider the future of influencer marketing, we forecast five trends in influencer marketing in 2019.

Build a partnership

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when approaching an influencer is to see the relationship with the influencer partner as a temporary one.

Building a relationship of trust, whether short-term or long-term, can help you in three ways: • Increase cost-effective life • Work with both brands and influencer partners • Make your content more targeted .

Changing the relationship between brands and influencers from “transient business relationships” to “partnerships” allows you to see influencer partners as one person rather than just a marketing channel. In addition, long-term trust can be built by having both parties communicate frequently and discuss what they want.

Also, not all influencers are looking for transactions solely for monetary purposes, so rewards should be approached without wrapping them up.


First, due to the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, influencers need to remain transparent about their relationship with the brand. There seems to be a complaint that the influence of the post will be less effective because the influencer knows that the post is a post that includes advertising, for example, by using #ad to indicate that this post is a sponsored post.

But in contrast, Instagram promotional ads are easy to understand if they are promotional ads. By clearly showing that you are a sponsored post on Instagram, you can rather strengthen the relationship of trust between the influencer and its audience.

Second, content created with influencers must be unique. Rather than just showing ads, you need to make your target audience feel like it ’s a valuable post. An explicit advertisement with no added value will make a follower recognize it as a “brand that does n’t need to be connected”.

Fijiwater, for example, incorporates special value in influencer marketing campaigns by linking exercise programs to promotional ads.

3.Consider other than Instagram

Most influencers are on Instagram, but if you are looking for the right people, you should always check and consider other social networks. It is very important to know which SNS your target audience uses and which SNS you like to interact with. For example, many designers tend to spend a lot of time on Pinterest.

The second notable point of SNS other than Instagram is cost. SNS platforms that are not often used by influencers can generally trade at a low cost per post.

If you discover that your audience segment is connected to a different social network than Instagram, you may be able to get a greater return on investment. You will also be able to outrun the competition that puts all the influencer’s eggs in an Instagram cage.

4.Measuring cost effectiveness

The more brands investing in influencer marketing, the greater the demand for tracking successful campaigns from other companies. In addition to tracking the cost-effectiveness of influencer marketing, many tools exist to identify which influencers are appropriate to approach. If you know the metrics such as impressions and posts, you can get a good start, but you can get more influencer information by looking at the number of reach.

Another way to measure the success of a campaign is with UTM parameters. UTM parameters are parameters that are added to the end of a URL to measure the effects of advertisements, e-mail magazines, and so on. This UTM parameter is also included in the tag of the inbound link to the website that is posted on the influencer’s post as a link to encourage the audience to take action. By viewing the source, media, and name, Google Analytics can track which specific campaigns generate traffic to your site.

In addition, when a visitor who visits your site uses a coupon code, the influencer has a unique promotional code to track the source of where the visitor came from and increase cost-effective transparency. You can also ask to post.


Video is the best way to create credible content. In places where many processed images and over-sophisticated works are prevalent, providing fresher content to your audience by providing a format with a higher engagement rate early.

Whether it’s an Instagram story, Snapchat or Facebook Live, influencer video content is the most impactful content you and your influencer partners can create for your target audience.

It is important to consider the composition of video content through product tutorials and product reviews. By creating a short video, you can add more value to your viewers than images with minimal effort.


I predicted the influencer marketing trend in 2019.

The key to successful influencer marketing in recent years is not to consider an influencer as just a business tool, but to build a partnership by recognizing one colleague.

Video content and effect measurement are also strategies that successful brands are focusing on. However, as more brands use influencer marketing, “content transparency” will become more important in the future. It is considered a point.

There are some cases where the US Federal Trade Commission adds a penalty for posting influencer campaign content without specifying #ad as an advertisement. Excessive advertising can also awaken your audience.

The future influencer marketing content will be: ・ Do not conceal sponsored posts ・ Consider how to add value to sponsored posts ・ Consider creating natural content With the above in mind, Establishing a relationship of trust over the long term is considered to be the key to the outcome of an influencer marketing campaign.

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