Influencer is a new brand. Increasing influence tends to make the border between companies thin

Many companies and retailers are starting to use influencers as major marketing channels. Reality star Kim Kardashian posted a snap chat with Airbnb on the state of accommodation, fashion blogger Emily Schuman proposed a new fashion line in collaboration with Nordstrom, and hired multiple bloggers Influencers are participating in various projects such as making clothes inspired by beer.

The influencer is now a golden egg. The fashion brand “Rebecca Minkoff” is a New York Fashion Week runway, with influencers selected for the center and front. The influencers who participated in the show were fashion bloggers such as Chriselle Lim and Arielle Charnas. A fashion show was set up on Greene Street that spreads out in front of Rebecca Minkoff.

Increasing influencer reliability

Recently, influencer-inspired products tend to be trusted. In fact, according to the data published by influencer marketing platform “MuseFind”, 92% of consumers said that products recommended by influencers were more reliable than products recommended by conventional ads and celebrities. The data also shows that 42% of consumers use tools that block advertisements on the Web, indicating that the effectiveness of traditional digital advertising channels is limited.

According to Bloomberg, which provides the latest economic information, $ 255 billion (about 25 trillion yen) is invested in influencer marketing every month. How do companies and influencer marketing companies work with influencers? The following headlines introduce interviews with influencer marketing platform “MuseFind” CEO Jennifer Li and New York based handbag sales company “GiGi New York” president Tom Glazer.

Increasing number of companies that mediate influencers

As influencers play a more important role in marketing strategies, several companies are beginning to enter into the development of platforms that match companies with influencers. MuseFind is one such company. “The influencer marketing platform’s role is to re-engage business customers with the help of social media influencers,” Jennifer Li said.

“We provide the platform we offer to help you find the best influencer for your company. By summarizing influencer performance data, we visualized the lowest possible effect,” says Li. Mr. explains. MuseFind is a talented person who has been involved in campaigns that use influencer marketing of well-known companies such as Shiseido and Oreo.

The distinction between influencers and companies has become difficult. Influencers such as Michelle Phan and Zoella have launched their own brands, and companies use influencers to win consumer trust. The collaboration between influencers and companies is based on mutual cooperation. Influencers and companies have a symbiotic relationship and help each other to strengthen each other’s branding. But the success of the campaign will ultimately depend on the relationship between the influencer and the user.

“Influencer marketing is based on trust relationships. For example, if I am a follower, I can follow and unfollow an influencer with just one thumb. “I don’t really talk about it, it’s possible to unfollow me as soon as I feel it’s a low quality job from a company,” Li continued.

The influence of influencers cannot be measured by the number of followers. Influential influencers are actually people who are reliable and have high information gathering ability. “Traackr, an influencer management platform, said that big is not always a good thing. You should choose influencers that are highly relevant to your company, not the number of followers. “It ’s meaningless to choose an influencer to look at if it ’s out of reach of the influencer and its followers,” says Sarah Jones of information site “Luxury Daily”.

Focus on micro influencers with high engagement rate

When working with social influencers, the trend is to focus on quality over quantity.

Rebecca Suhrawardi, fashion journalist, said, “Companies are no longer paying attention to the influencer’s number of followers. There may be as many as 8,000 followers. In return, trust, unique perspectives, stories “I’m looking for an influencer who has the potential to dig deeper and have the potential to connect with the right consumer,” he wrote for Forbes.

The fashion brand “GiGi New York” partnered with micro influencers to guide the campaign. The followers of influencers with many followers usually follow other popular bloggers. “But micro-influencers that do n’t have many followers, followers have one or two other accounts they follow. The engagement rate for those followers is very high,” says GiGi New York’s marketing team. Taught me. “I used to work with a famous blogger who had a lot of fans. I was really expecting the results, but sales and visits were lower than I expected.”

GiGi New York has had a close relationship with influencers since it began influencer marketing. “There are a lot of good things to get along with the influencers, especially lucky to have had a good relationship with the influencers before they were commercially successful as they currently are,” Tom Glazer of GiGi New York. Mr. The company focused on providing valuable content to consumers and differentiating its products from those of other companies.

GiGi New York wanted to give consumers something new and unique. Because influencers are familiar with the latest trends without looking at fashion magazines, they are often used as fashion personalities. Influencers have a unique position to deliver the latest trends to consumers and connect with people who listen to the influencers themselves.


In the future, companies will use the power of influencers beyond marketing. What about an influencer as a consumer feedback tool?

“I tell companies not to see influencers as advertising towers. In fact, influencers are not advertising towers. They have many other possibilities. There are many people who are familiar with business and are enthusiastic about work.In 2 to 5 years, influencers may have become a representative brand of other companies, and then the border between influencers and companies is blurred I think it will come, “said Jennifer Li, CEO of influencer marketing platform MuseFind.

Influencers are expected to play a more important role in marketing, continue to grow and affect consumers. On the strategic side, recruiting micro influencers will be the key to successful campaigns. Companies and retailers are constantly looking for new marketing channels that are eye-catching. Consumers are increasingly rejecting traditional marketing and tending to look at social media.

What consumers want is various types of information, including trends and reviews. It is thought that social media is important because such information is gathered.

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