4 reasons why influencers prefer influencers over celebrities in influencer marketing

For the past several decades, the main stage of advertising has been media such as television, radio and newspapers. And the “celebrity” that everyone knows was mostly born from television.

However, in the last few years, a new genre superstar called “Influencer” has become more prominent.

Many brands are shifting their marketing strategy from celebrity-popular advertising to influencer marketing.

In an influencer marketing survey published by Linqia, an American influencer marketing platform, 86% of the 170 marketers surveyed answered that they implemented influencer marketing in 2016.

What is the difference between influencers and traditional celebrity “celebs”? And why are influencers expanding their careers?

Here are four reasons why influencers prefer influencers over celebrities in influencer marketing.

The difference between influencers and celebrities

Let’s start with the difference between influencers and celebrities. The two are very similar in that they promote their products and services using personal recognition and influence, but there are some distinct differences.

  1. Expertise

Influencers have some special field, and the products and services they introduce often follow that field.

For example, beauty bloggers introduce a new lineup of beauty products and fashion bloggers introduce a new collection of fashion. Influencers are experts in a specific field, and influencer marketing takes advantage of the reliability and relevance of influencers in that field.

On the other hand, celebrities are not necessarily experts in the products and services they advertise. A pop singer like Justin Bieber might promote Calvin Klein’s underwear, or an actress like Selena Gomez might promote the sports brand Adidas Neo.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are not fashion designers and are not involved in product development. However, since it is a celebrity that many people know, it is considered that the advertising effect is sufficient. Celebrities like them have millions of fans, and enthusiastic fans respect them and want to try whatever they introduce.

Celebrities don’t choose the products or services they advertise, but influencers are very different in that they are based on expertise.

Influencers can have a strong influence in certain areas, but there are some things to be aware of when implementing influencer marketing.

Influencers have followers who are interested in specific areas that influencers specialize. As a result, if an influencer promotes a non-specialty product, the fans may feel uncomfortable and leave.

Influencers understand this well, so it’s common to tie up with a brand that fits their specialties and beliefs. It is important for companies that conduct influencer marketing not to choose influencers based on the number of followers.


Celebrities and influencers have very different communication styles.

Celebrity communication is characterized by one-way traffic. Celebrities promote products and services through advertising on TV and social media, but audiences who see them cannot ask questions or react to them.

On the other hand, influencer marketing is often carried out on social media, and the audience who sees the content sent by the influencer can react like “Like” or comment. This kind of “two-way” communication is one of the characteristics of influencer marketing.

In the case of a celebrity-based ad, people who see it will be unilaterally able to see the ad and talk to others about the product unless they are strongly interested in the product or service being promoted It is not.

Influencers “converse” with audiences on social media. This increases engagement with your audience. When an influencer promotes a product or service, it works with an audience who is already interested in that field, so that not only the influencer but also the audience has a sense of friendship. As a result, conversations about products and services are more likely to occur.

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique that increases the effectiveness of word of mouth.

3.Content production

For influencer marketing, the creative work of “content production” is indispensable, but influencers are also different from celebrities in that they are “content creators”.

For celebrity-based ads, brands and marketers usually devise advertising ideas and stories. In other words, a celebrity is not a “brain”, even the face of a campaign.

In contrast, influencers are creators who devise messages that they send themselves and produce content. The brand provides influencers with guidelines that include the purpose of the campaign, but it is the influencer that determines the message and tone of the content.

In influencer marketing, it is very important to give influencers freedom of creativity. Brand marketers who are unfamiliar with influencer marketing give detailed instructions on the content produced by the influencer, which is a typical failure of influencer marketing.

Influencers understand their audiences well and make content after knowing what kind of messages will affect them. Recognizing that “influencers are content creators”, you can create high-quality content by giving you the freedom of creativity.


Celebrities such as actors, models, and musicians win a wide range of reach, especially offline.

Influencers, on the other hand, reach their followers online, including social media.

Influencer reach is usually limited to specific audiences. For example, gaming YouTuber will not promote fashion and beauty brands. But when they introduce games and technology-related products, they are powerful.

If you want to reach a specific audience, influencer marketing is more certain than celebrity-based advertising.

4 reasons to influence influencers in influencer marketing

Here are four reasons why influencers are preferred by influencer marketing.

Reason 1. Influencers are close to the audience

Celebrities are so-called “other world” residents across the screen of television and movies. For this reason, even if they are longing for fans, they are not asking for advice like friends and family.

The influencer is the same as the celebrity that the influencer is a longing for the audience, but in addition, it is also very familiar like friends and family.

Influencers respond to follower comments on social media and sometimes participate in events to interact with followers. Vine influencer Alx James commented, “In social media, I can express to 6 million fans that I am the same real person as you.”

Influencers active on social media actively engage with their fans to build trust with their followers. This is something traditional celebrities couldn’t do. And it’s a big reason why influencer marketing is said to be effective.

Influencers are particularly influential on teenage audiences, with 70% of teens watching YouTube in the US saying they feel more familiar with YouTuber than celebrity. And 40% feel that their favorite YouTuber knows better than friends.

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“Recommendations” from influencers are similar to advice from family and friends, so you can promote your products and services in a way that is close to word of mouth.

Reason 2. Influencers can speak in earnest

Many celebrities belong to talent offices and control public image. Therefore, it is not always possible to speak with real intention. When a celebrity promotes a product or service, it is unclear how far it is.

In contrast, influencers have their own channels on social media and blogs and are free to communicate their opinions. In addition, there is no need to get someone’s permission to distribute new content.

The key to successful product and service promotion is whether the recipient can trust the information. Many brands choose influencer marketing instead of celebrity-based advertising because influencers are based on trust, transparency, and relationship with their audience, making it easier to trust information. is.

Reason 3. More people gather information on social media

Social media is expanding year by year, especially among young people, and is becoming the main platform for collecting information in place of traditional media such as television and radio. Along with that, an increasing number of brands have chosen influencer marketing with social media as the main promotion.

A survey on social media usage conducted by the UK digital marketing company “ Smart Insights ” in 2019 showed that the number of social media users worldwide was 3,484 million, an increase of 9% compared to the same period of the previous year I understood that. It is calculated that 1 in 2 people in the world uses social media.

It is natural that consumers move from TV and radio to social media, and the marketing stage of companies that follow them also moves to social media. Influencer marketing will continue to expand.

Reason 4 You can approach your target audience

Traditional advertisements with celebrities were created with the goal of gaining a “shallow and broad” reach for the masses.

Influencers, on the other hand, take the opposite approach. They have followers who are interested in a specific field, create niche content that will please their own followers, and gain a “deep and narrow” reach.

In other words, if you tie up with an influencer, the brand will be able to reliably reach the target audience.

Influencer PewDiePie runs a popular game-specific channel on YouTube. His content doesn’t sound for everyone, but it has had a huge impact on 40 million fans watching YouTube channels, and the fans are looking forward to each and every one of his words.

For brands, influencer marketing, which can be approached directly to the target audience, is a very attractive marketing method.


This time, I explained the difference between influencers and celebrities, and four reasons why influencers prefer influencers to celebrities in influencer marketing.

There are some differences between celebrities and influencers:

  1. Influencers are experts in specific fields, but celebrities are not always
  2. Influencer communication is “two-way”, celebrity communication is “one-way”
  3. Influencers are content creators

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