5 reasons why fashion brands should make long-term contracts with influencers

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique that can produce results even in a short tie-up. Many brands are attracted to it because it is possible to tie up with multiple influencers in line with the promotion of the new early summer collection and to end the relationship with the influencers at the end of the promotion.

However, it has been pointed out that sustaining long-term relationships with influencers is more effective, especially when considering influencer marketing in the fashion brand world.

Here are some of the benefits of fashion brands forming long-term partnerships with influencers.

Create a brand “star team”

The cosmetic brand L’ Oréal Paris is a brand that has been put into practice early, focusing on the benefits of long-term tie-up with influencers. The company officially announced the appointment of five British beauty influencers, who have been tying up for a long time, to the brand “Beauty Star Team”, which became a big topic. With a total of 5.5 million followers, they broadcast promotional and attractive content about brand new products and how they participated in events such as Fashion Week. He is actively working to expand brand awareness and promote purchases, and plays an active role in the brand.

Adrien Koskas, General Manager of L’ Oréal Paris in the UK, commented on the long-term tie-up with influencers:

“We don’t want a ‘one-time relationship’ with influencers. By building a ‘real relationship as a person’ over a long span, brands and influencers learn from each other rather than one-way. We are looking for relationships that can have a positive impact, and this “sound and sincere relationship” is the point that keeps the audience bored.

Today’s audience is away from the influencers that have been acquired by the brand. There are cases where there is no story that attracts people behind the influencer, or it is just a defeat job. That is why we want to work more faithfully about tying up with influencers. “

All of L’ Oréal Paris ’s star teams were influencers with a huge number of followers, but it ’s not always necessary to use mega influencers to create a branded star team. Employing 2 or 3 influencers with followers of 100,000 units is also effective, and you can enjoy the benefits of long-term tie-up without over budget.

2.Can emphasize the original fashion of influencers

In the fashion industry, there are endless variations on how to show one item. Take ZARA tunics, known as Spanish fast fashion. Some people coordinate skinny jeans and boyish with western boots, others wear feminine skirts. Some people enjoy vacation style with shorts and sandals.

There are as many styles as there are people. Tying up with multiple influencers over a long period of time leads to appealing the original fashion lineup of influencers that make use of the brand’s items to the audience. Rather than just promoting individual items, it is easier to imagine what kind of total coordination you can enjoy with each item, and the same influencers will be interested in follower brands by sending different styles depending on the season and event It will be more stirred up.

Naturally, each influencer has a different fashion style, so it is recommended that you tie up with multiple influencers over a long period of time rather than one person in order to show your audience more appeal to your audience.

3.Show your brand and influencer ties to your followers

There is an old legend: “To marry is to marry not only your partner, but also your partner’s family, friends, and acquaintances.” This concept also applies to influencer marketing.

Tying up with fashion influencers and signing long-term contracts means connecting directly with their followers. In other words, if you close a relationship with one influencer and tie up with another influencer, you must introduce the brand to a completely new follower that is different from the previous one, and you must create a relationship from scratch. Not.

The relationship of tying up with influencers for each campaign and canceling the relationship at the end of the campaign, and the relationship of tying up with the same influencers for a long time are the type of person who changes the partner who dating steadily in a short period of time and the couple Similar to comparing. While the former can enjoy the benefits of diversity by tying up with various people, there is a problem of lack of responsibility for relationships. In this regard, the latter can build a deep relationship of trust by building a bond over time.

Building deeper relationships of trust with influencers through long-term tie-ups can appeal to the followers with a deep bond between brands and influencers. This means building deep trust with your followers and your target audience.

4.Save time and effort

As I mentioned in the previous item a bit, tying up with a new influencer for each campaign means re-creating the relationship from scratch. In addition to explaining the concept, guidelines, system, and goals of the brand to each influencer, the brand must also know about the influencer itself.

If you have long-term contracts with the same influencers, you can save a lot of time and effort on these explanations. And you can spend a lot of time and effort on what the brand really needs to focus on: how to capture the mind of the audience.

For example, compare a company with a high job change rate with a company with a low job change rate. A company with a high turnover rate must always hire new employees, and each new employee who has not yet understood the company’s structure and work contents can be taught through orientation and training each time. Must not. However, if a company has long-standing employees, there is no need to repeat orientation and training. On the contrary, high quality output can be expected based on many years of experience and achievements accumulated in that company. When comparing the two companies, it will be clear which company is more likely to produce better results.

5.Leads to cost reduction

When you sign a contract with a new influencer, there is always a reward negotiation. Sometimes contracts are signed with better terms than in previous campaigns, but this is not always the case.

The fashion industry is a particularly competitive field among the many industries. In order to achieve a high ROI that is different from other brands, it is important to have the best marketing performance against the cost. The key is to accurately predict the cost of marketing.

Finding an influencer that is worth the cost is not easy. When you sign a contract with a new influencer, there may be a case where the costs have eventually increased to a surprising level. If you are an influencer who has tied up for a long time, there is no such a worry and there is little possibility of incurring extra expenses. And because you know how much it cost past campaigns, you can make a more accurate budget when launching new campaigns.


In order for successful influencer marketing in the competitive fashion industry, it is important to send content that the audience deems “this is reliable”. To do that, you need to make sure that influencers and brands are connected not by contract or money, but by trust and bonds.

Rather than changing the influencer for each campaign, it is more convincing for the influencer to be active over the long term through multiple campaigns, and the influencer’s own brand loyalty is also increased. In addition, there are many advantages for long-term tie-up with influencers, such as appealing the influencer’s original fashion lineup by brand name and reducing labor, time and cost. Please consider this when you think about your relationship with influencers.

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