Experts teach “10 ways to find the ideal Instagram influencer”

Instagram is the most popular influencer marketing platform, with over 1 billion users worldwide.

In a survey conducted in 2019 by US influencer marketing platform “Mediakix”, 89% of 162 people surveyed said “Instagram is the most strategic social media channel”.

There are many people who think that influencer marketing on Instagram starts with selecting influencers, but there are a few things to do before that.

No matter how great your promotion is, choosing the wrong influencer can halve your effectiveness and result in the loss of trust from your brand ’s fans.

This time, we will introduce “10 ways to find the ideal Instagram influencers”, as spoken by an agent who is an influencer marketing professional.

Get tips from Instagram followers

Brands have something to do before looking for influencers. It’s about getting information about the target audience of your brand. Knowing who online is a fan of your brand and what your fan base is interested in can help clarify your ideal influencer.

If there is already an official Instagram for the brand, it picks up a few representatives from the followers of the official account and responds to each post with likes, comments, shares, etc. Let’s check if It’s also important to check the follow-up list of the people you picked up and know what influencers you are following.

Also, check the account that mentions or tags the brand on Instagram. The operators of those accounts may already be fans of the brand and voluntarily promote the brand to their followers.

Rather than looking for a new influencer, you can promote your followers in a more natural way if you find an influencer who is already a fan of the brand and tie it up. Influencer marketing begins with familiarity with brand customers.

Find a list of influencers in a search engine

If you are looking for influencers in the US, search for “Top Instagram influencer” on a search engine such as Google, and you will see a list of influencers. You can find influencers this way, but there are more effective ways.

First, narrow down influencers by “industry”. For example, if you are an influencer in the fitness industry, search for “Top 20 fitness Instagram influencer” instead of “Top Instagram influencer”. If you want to search more precisely, narrow down by platform or product category.

Over the last few years, Google has improved the accuracy of its searches and has gained a better understanding of the information users are looking for. To find an influencer that matches your brand, it is important to first clarify the ideal influencer image by following the steps in “1. Get tips from Instagram followers”.

Use hashtags

A brand that wants to do influencer marketing may already have an account on social media and use its own hashtag for the brand or campaign for promotion. You can find the ideal influencer by making good use of these hashtags.

First, search for Instagram content with hashtags relevant to your brand, product, or service. When you find an influencer’s post, you can check the hashtag used in it, and then search it further with keywords to find influencers from a wider range.

Instagram also has the ability to follow hashtags. Follow any hashtags you care about and monitor who is using the hashtags with what content.

Instagram hashtags are popular. Knowing the hashtags that are popular in the industry can be very useful for social networking promotions.

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Check sponsored content posted so far

If you have an influencer listed as a tie-up candidate, you may want to check the past sponsor content for that influencer. When doing so, look for the most recent content possible, and check the number of likes and user comments.

In the US, sponsored content tied up with influencers has hashtags such as “#sponsored” and “#ad”, so you can search for posts using these hashtags You can find sponsored content.

It’s easy to select influencers by the number of followers, but the important thing is whether you can create sponsored content that reaches the hearts of your followers. By reviewing past content, you can also check if the influencer fits your brand image.

Utilize influencer network

Many influencers who are active in the same genre are connected on SNS. If you find a candidate influencer, you can also find a new influencer from that follower and tie it up. Just like followers, check out the “following accounts” of candidate influencers.

In doing so, it is effective to search for an account with an “authentication batch” officially recognized by Instagram. Authentication batches are one of the criteria for selecting influencers.

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Introduce friends to influencers

For brands that already have a long-term contract with a particular influencer and have established a trusting relationship, there is a way for the influencer to introduce a new influencer.

If you are an influencer who has tied up with a brand for a long time, you have a deep understanding of the message and concept you want the brand to convey. And you may have already thought of a fellow influencer who might be interested in tying up with the brand.

However, this strategy requires that the relationship with the influencer is well established. If you are an influencer who is always committed to your brand, you will be happy to introduce your fellow influencers. Finding great influencers faster and more reliably than searching for influencers from scratch.

Utilize influencer marketing platform

Many influencers belong to the influencer marketing platform. They will introduce you to influencers that match the purpose and budget of the brand, so it will be much more efficient than brands looking for influencers from scratch.

Some brands are looking for influencers on their own and signing contracts directly, but it takes a considerable amount of time to complete a successful promotion cycle through trial and error. In addition, direct contracts are more likely to cause problems, such as being unable to contact influencers on the way, or arguing due to misconceptions about contracts.

Direct contracts may reduce your promotional budget, but you should be aware that it carries all risks.

Check the influencer’s “reliability”

Influencer marketing is rapidly spreading as an “effective marketing technique”. On the other hand, acts called “influencer scams” ​​such as “fake followers” ​​created using robots and “likes” purchased with money have become a problem.

Unfortunately, it’s true that there are influencers who are doing this. Brands need to fully check their credibility when selecting influencers to tie up.

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Get interested in job offer messages

Popular influencers receive job offers from many brands. To get interested in tie-ups, make connections with influencers before you offer a job.

It ’s a good idea to follow a candidate influencer ’s Instagram account, as well as to approach and comment on content. If you are interested in influencer content and know that you are serious about tie-ups, you are more likely to receive a job offer.

A small influencer is introduced by a professional

Tying up with influencers with many followers can be expensive, but that doesn’t always lead to results.

The important thing is to select an influencer of the appropriate size and genre according to the purpose of the brand, but it is difficult to tie up with an influencer with few followers without professional direction such as an influencer marketing platform or agent. It will be.

If you ask an influencer marketing professional to introduce an influencer that fits your brand’s budget and purpose, it’s worth considering the use. In addition, you can rely on complicated influencer marketing processes such as contracts and project progress.


This time, we introduced the “10 ways to find the ideal Instagram influencer”, spoken by an agent who is an influencer marketing professional.

When searching for influencers, it is important not to “how to search” but to “determine which influencers are producing results and answer the needs of the brand”.

Start by gathering information about industry influencer marketing and clarifying the ideal influencer image your brand wants.

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