Influencer marketing and Instagram advertising, two advantages and disadvantages

The two most used social media platforms in the world are Instagram and Facebook. Many companies and brands have gained a lot of success by looking at their potential and using it as a marketing tool.

There are two ways to use Instagram for marketing: influencer marketing and Instagram advertising. What are the differences, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? This time, we will introduce the features of influencer marketing and Instagram advertising that you should keep in mind when developing your marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing and Instagram advertising

With over 1 billion users, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, especially for the younger generation. Image and video editing tools are very rich and new functions are frequently updated, which makes it very attractive to create high-quality original content. This is a marketing tool that is particularly compatible with industries that have a visual appeal, such as fashion, food, and travel.

“Influencer marketing” using such Instagram functions is a method in which brands tie up with influencers and use them to increase brand awareness and promote product purchases. Utilizing images, videos, and 24-hour limited stories, influencers create content that appeals to brands and products. The approach is to post to the influencer’s own personal account and spread it through the followers who saw it and the audience derived from the hashtag. Therefore, how to select influencers to tie up and narrow down targets is the key to marketing success.

On the other hand, “Instagram ads” are advertisements that can be placed on Instagram feeds. Like influencer marketing, there are types of ads such as images, videos, and stories that appear as sponsored posts in the news feed and stories timeline. Instagram advertising is a relatively new service that started in 2015, and before that, it was common for companies to appeal to users who follow their brand accounts. In that regard, Instagram ads are a self-serving tool that allows brands to set their own budgets and delivery periods.

Benefits of influencer marketing

1.Realization of an approach involving consumers

Influencer marketing is particularly powerful in the form of BtoC where brands offer services to consumers. Influencers can increase brand awareness and drive purchases by engaging and engaging directly with their audience.

2.Contributing to brand SEO measures

When a general consumer searches on the web, a site related to the brand is displayed as high as possible, and it is called “SEO measures” to make it accessible to more people. Some influencers already run sites with high SEO, and by posting comments about the brand on that site, you can expect the SEO effect of the brand itself.

3.Re-identification of identity

Influencer marketing is not just a tool for spreading brand names. Speaking through influencer stories and life views also has the benefit of reaffirming your brand identity.

4.Implementing an approach that meets your needs

Today ’s audiences are no longer interested in traditional brand advertising and promotions. They tend to listen to the words of people they believe they can trust, rather than the traditional advertising that a company launches. Therefore, marketing by influencers working on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube is a strategy that meets the needs of the audience.

Disadvantages of influencer marketing

1.Requires time and careful planning

Influencer marketing is not just a simple way to post content. To get the results you expect, you need to clear the requirements of time, budget, passion, and elaborate planning.

2.Establishing good relationships with influencers

You need to invest in time, energy, and budget to build good relationships with influencers who are brand partners. Build trust by inviting them to brand events to learn more about themselves.

3.Success cannot be bought with money

Just because you invested heavily in influencers doesn’t always mean you get the right results. Like any other marketing strategy, influencer marketing has the risk of not being cost-effective. Many brands have misplaced this point, and there are many cases of excessive expectations.

Benefits of Instagram advertising

1.Link Instagram and Facebook

Instagram is linked to Facebook, so if you already have a Facebook company account, you can import Facebook data. And it ’s easy to do detailed targeting based on that data, and as a result, it ’s easier to achieve more effective results at lower costs.

2.Flexible budget setting possible

Instagram ads are self-serve ads that can be operated in-house. This allows brands to flexibly set costs and ad scales to match their own budget.

3.Easy to analyze success stories

In Instagram, you can use the “Ad Manager” function that can measure the performance of advertisements in many ways, analyze the trends and contents, and use them for the next time. There are a wide variety of numbers that can be seen, such as clicks, reach, and user response within 24 hours.

Disadvantages of Instagram Ads

1.Adjust algorithm

On Instagram and Facebook, the algorithm has been adjusted regularly, triggered by a measure against a long time ago SEO that “If you include a lot of keywords, it will appear in the top search.” Therefore any such search criteria difficult to figure out whether it is displayed in, if you create an ad the wrong algorithm in mind, there is also not expected to be thought as a result of the case.

2.Competition between brands

In Instagram with a huge number of users, that’s exactly the number of stars. It ’s not uncommon to create ads that will catch your eyes in this intense competition.

3.More advanced engagement is required

As long as you advertise, brands need to constantly check for reactions such as “likes” and share, and if there is an action from the user, they need to respond quickly. For example, if there are comments or complaints about an advertisement, it will be required to respond immediately. The need to keep an eye on the actions of users who do n’t know when to come is a big pressure for brands.


Influencer marketing and Instagram advertising have both advantages and disadvantages as described above. Influencer marketing is a fast-growing strategy all over the world, and you can expect great results if you take the right approach with the exact target. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and effort to develop a strategy, and you have to pay attention to the relationship with influencers. Instagram ads are relatively easy to use as a tool, but they are also highly competitive and difficult to engage during the flight.

It ’s not just about choosing which one will produce results, so it ’s important to plan your strategy according to your budget and marketing goals.

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