How to use Instagram trending hashtags for influencer marketing

“Hashtags” with a “#” in front of letters, numbers and pictograms are very familiar to social media users. Hashtags attached to content on social media act like keywords, so users can search efficiently for the products, people, and brands they want.

Hashtags are also an indispensable tool for companies engaged in influencer marketing using Instagram because they can find brand fans from hashtags and use them to increase brand awareness.

In an influencer campaign, it ’s common to have a common hashtag for content related to the campaign. This can increase awareness of the campaign and create an opportunity for audiences interested in the campaign to see other content.

Instagram hashtags are popular, but adding trendy hashtags doesn’t mean that your audience can see your content. In this installment, we ’ll show you how to use Instagram ’s trending hashtags for influencer marketing.

Are Instagram hashtags important to businesses?

Instagram hashtags have the following roles:

・ Content categorization
・ Content search keywords
・ Market that is campaign content

Photos can be grouped into desired categories by hashtagting the main Instagram content. It also makes it easier for users to find the content they want.

Like search engine keywords, you can reach a wider audience with shallower hashtags. On the other hand, a more specific and niche hashtag can reach a dedicated audience with limited categories.

When deploying influencer campaigns, you can strategically deploy campaigns across multiple platforms by using a common hashtag.

As you can see, hashtags are an indispensable tool for reaching influencer audiences on influencer marketing on Instagram.

Instagram hashtags and engagement

Instagram hashtags play an important role in helping users search for content and reach the audience the brand wants. So what is the impact on the number of views and engagement like “Like”?

A marketing research company, Trust Insights, investigated about 1.59 million Instagram posts in 2019. As a result, it became clear that an average of three hashtags were used for one content. However, I didn’t understand the relationship between the number of hashtags and the number of browsing content. From this survey result, it can be said that the number of hashtags and engagement is not proportional.

Another study on Instagram hashtags has shown interesting results. “Mention,” a social media researcher based in Paris, examined more than 115 million Instagram content in 2018 and found that it was a sponsored post, “#ad” It has become clear that content with a hashtag of “H” has a higher engagement rate with more likes and comments than normal content.

Considering the recent behavior of consumers who are said to hate advertising, it can be surprising that sponsored content shows higher engagement.

When a company develops an influencer campaign on Instagram, it is important to make good use of hashtags such as “#ad” indicating the campaign and brand hashtags and sponsored advertisements.

Instagram hashtags and CTA

Instagram hashtags are a very powerful tool for enhancing CTA (call to action). There are many ways to increase your CTA, including “teaser ads” that draw only the information about the products you want to advertise and attract users’ attention.

Instagram users find and share content that contains the information they care about. At that time, if the content has a hashtag, the word-of-mouth effect is enhanced.

In this way, hashtags also affect engagement rates and CTA. Trendy hashtags use a lot of rivals, so from the user’s perspective, you need to think about what kind of hashtag you want to attach and what you want to share.

How to use Instagram trending hashtags

Here are some specific ways to use Instagram trending hashtags for influencer campaigns. The ranking of hashtags popular in Instagram in 2019 and the number of contents with the hashtags are as follows.

1st place: #love – 1.5 billion
2nd place: # instagood- 950 million
3rd place: #photooftheday – 647 million
4th place: #fashion – 647 million
5th place: #beautiful – 565 million
6th place: #happy-505 million
7th place: #cute – 494 million
8th place: # like4like – 487 million
9th: #art – 479 million
10th place: #tbt – 475 million

“Love” in the 1st place and “fashion” in the 4th place are common hashtags used for various contents, but “instagood” ranked in the 2nd place is “This post is good! Is a hashtag unique to Instagram, used to mean “”. Like “instagrammable”, new words are also born from hashtags.

Catch Instagram trending hashtags

First, gather information about Instagram trending hashtags. Finding trendy hashtags that are relevant to your company ’s content leads to an understanding of trends in the industry.

An easy way to find trending hashtags is to use Instagram “search”. However, it is important to note that trendy hashtags are used by so many brands and users that they are buried in a large amount of content, making it difficult for users to find them.

The point is to get inspiration from popular hashtags and think about what kind of hashtags you can attach to make your content stand out.

There are a lot of hash tag generation tools such as “All Hashtag” and “Instavast” these days, so you can use these tools to create the perfect hash tag for your brand while reflecting the trend. .

Instagram also has the ability to follow hashtags. By following hashtags, you can see what influencers, brands, and users are using the hashtags, and learn about audience insights, content ideas, and influencers that you might be able to tie up. It becomes a clue.

First, find and follow hashtags that are popular in the industry. Then, get hints from popular hashtags and create original hashtags.

Create brand hashtags

It ’s important to keep track of Instagram ’s trending hashtags, but do n’t forget to create your own branded hashtags. It is important that brand hashtags are creative, interesting and meaningful.

Branding is enhanced by the use of common brand hashtags by companies, influencers, and even brand fans. As companies and influencers continue to send out brand hashtags, users will be able to recognize the hashtags.

After creating a hashtag, check for the following problems:

・ Does it contain expressions that are unpleasant for the user?
・ Is it already used by other brands and campaigns?
・ Is there any worry that the word used is interpreted in a different meaning?

Hashtags can be said to be messages sent by companies. It’s important to think of hashtags that are original and that brand fans like to use.

Use hashtags

If you deploy brand and campaign hashtags on non-Instagram platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, you will have more opportunities to reach out to audiences that cannot be reached by Instagram alone.

You can also objectively evaluate content by recording hashtag performance using a free hashtag tracking tool such as Social Searcher.

In addition, hashtags can be used for Instagram stories. Adding location information when posting content to an Instagram story makes it easier for your audience to find your posts at the target location. This technique is useful for raising awareness of your brand at events and in specific locations. At that time, let’s keep in mind that it is not just the contents of corporate advertisements, but it is about personality and attracts the interest of the audience.

Points to note when using hashtags

Instagram hashtags can be a powerful influencer marketing tool if used well, but there are a few things you should be aware of when using them.

・ Do not use the same hashtag over and over again
・ Do not overuse hashtags
・ Check how the created hashtag is used

Please note that you may be penalized if you use the same hashtag repeatedly because of the algorithm of Instagram. It is important to change the hashtag attached to each content so that it does not become a “copy and paste” state.

Also, just listing trendy hashtags doesn’t make much sense. The key is to use the right amount of hashtags that match the brand and campaign.

Also make sure that the hashtags you produce are used in a way that suits your company’s purpose.

Hashtags that should increase the effectiveness of a campaign can cause negative campaigns if used incorrectly. You should always check before using a hashtag and track it after you send it on social media.


This time, we explained how to use Instagram’s trendy hashtags for influencer marketing.

Instagram hashtags play an important role in content categorization, content search keywords, and campaign content landmarks.

Companies can capture trending hashtags on Instagram and use them to create effective hashtags that can be used for brand awareness and influencer campaign reviews.

Do not use the same hashtag over and over again, do not use too many hashtags,
It is also necessary to remember the point of checking how the created hashtag is used.

Creativity is necessary to create hashtags. By creating and using Instagram hashtags that are catchy and that convey the message of the company well, it will lead to the success of the influencer campaign on Instagram.

It is also an effective way to run an influencer campaign through an influencer marketing platform. In addition to hashtags, influencer agents have the latest information on influencer marketing. Borrowing the wisdom of outside experts is one important marketing strategy.

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