Popular beauty and cosmetics 5 Instagrammers and corporate tie-up cases in Japan

Influencer marketing is now an important strategy in any industry. As we explored the trend, it has become clear that consumers want brands to be “transparent” and “share the feeling that consumers themselves are participating in the campaign.” Above all, food-related brands are an industry that everyone needs, so it can be said that it is a market that attracts and attracts so many social users.

Instagram where photos of various genres are posted. Posts related to beauty and cosmetics are very popular, and there are many beauty and cosmetics main grammars.
Because there are many users who imitate the makeup of their favorite Instagrammer and purchase cosmetics based on reviews, the popular beauty and cosmetics main grammar has a large number of followers.
This time, we will introduce 10 popular beauty and cosmetics stagrammers that we want to use as a measure. We will introduce the characteristics of each Instagrammer and tie-up cases with companies, so please use them as ideas for your own marketing.

10 popular beauty and costa stagrammers on Instagram

Now, let me introduce you to popular beauty / costamen stagramers.

Igarishinobu (@igari_shinobu)

Instagram account: @igari_shinobu | Instagram
Instagram followers: Approximately 297,000 (as of July 2019)
The first Instagrammer to introduce is “Igarishinobu”. Mr. Igarishi Nobu, who is active as a makeup artist, is a famous person who is featured in media such as television and magazines.
Books published so popular that the word “Igari Make” is born are also very popular. Igaricinobu’s make-up is said to be magic, and he is very active when he is in charge of celebrity makeup. There are so many followers on your account that you ’d like to refer to Igari Make.

The content of the posting is mostly about job introductions, and in addition, introductions to cosmetics and makeup techniques are posted.
Photos of Mr. Igarishi Nobu’s daily life and children’s lunch boxes are being used as an account to convey the charm of Mr. Igarishi Nobu. I also like the fact that you are actively communicating with your followers in the comments.

Tie-up example with a company: Igarishi knob × with


Tie-up with Igarishi Nobu is a women’s fashion magazine “with” published by Kodansha Co., Ltd. The post introduces a special article by Mr. Igarishi Nobu.
The content is supplemented by the caption of Instagram, and it also responds well to questions and comments from fans. In the online version of “with online” of the magazine, Mr. Igarishi Nobu also serialized articles, which contributes to improving sales of magazines and attracting more customers to the website.

Megumi kanzaki (@megumi_kanzaki)

Instagram account: @megumi_kanzaki | Instagram
Followers: Approximately 259,000 (as of July 2019)
The second Instagrammer to introduce is “Megumi Kanzaki”. Megumi Kanzaki is a former actress who is currently working as a beauty researcher. Many books on make-up have been published and are highly evaluated.

On Instagram, you can find a lot of information about your favorite cosmetics, how to use them, and your work. Many pictures of daily life with family and friends and lunch boxes for children are posted, making this a very attractive account for fans.

Tie-up case with a company: Megumi Kanzaki × TRILL

Megumi Kanzaki ties up TRILL Inc., a web media “TRILL” that delivers information on various genres for women.
An Instagram post introduces Megumi Kanzaki’s interview article on the website. Megumi Kanzaki has a series of articles in addition to the featured articles, which is very popular content.
The genre handled by the media and Megumi Kanzaki’s special genre match well, and the media target group and Megumi Kanzaki’s follower / fan group also match, using a highly compatible Instagrammer This is a great example of how to effectively increase the number of customers to the media.

Yuji Kubo (@six_kuboyuji)

Instagram account: @six_kuboyuji | Instagram
Number of followers: Approximately 132,000 (as of July 2019)
The third Instagrammer to introduce is “Yuji Kubo”.
Yuji Kubo is a beautician and stylist who has a good reputation for makeup. Its popularity is such that the word “KUBO MAKE” is born, and it is also used as a hashtag “#KUBO MAKE”.

The main photos posted are hair makeup, makeup, and cosmetics. You can also find photos of your work, the shops you visited, your travel destination, and your private photos.
Tie-up case with a company: Yuji Kubo x Takarajimasha

Yuji Kubo tied up with Mook from Takarajima Co., Ltd. Speaking of Takarajimasha, the brand mook that comes with branded miscellaneous goods is famous, but this post introduces the “paddle brush” mook supervised by Yuji Kubo.
It is not uncommon for cosmetics and goods recommended by Yuji Kubo to become so popular that they are sold out. If it becomes a mook with goods supervised by such a popular Instagrammer, it will be an attractive product for fans to get out of their throat.
This is an example of a very effective marketing method that has been devised in consideration of the popularity of Instagrammers and the characteristics of their products.

In this issue, we will introduce “Influencer Marketing”, which scouts and promotes Instagrammers. There have been many confirmed cases that caused a great response even in the general public and individual models due to the popularity of SNS. Approval of products and services by scouting instagrammers and utilizing them in their marketing strategies …

Aoi Hamada (@aoihamada)

Instagram account: @aoihamada | Instagram
Number of followers: Approximately 61,800 (as of July 2019)
The 4th person to be introduced is “Aoi Kamata”. “Aoi Kamata” is currently active as a free model. In addition to the makeup arm, it is a popular Instagrammer with a very cute visual.

The main content of the posting is the introduction of recommended cosmetics and makeup photos and videos. A lot of new works and trendy cosmetics are introduced, and the attractive point of Aoi Hamada’s account is that new makeup can be seen every day.

Tie-up example with a company: Aoi Aida x Takarajimasha


Aoi Hamada is tied up with Mook from Takarajima Co., Ltd. as well as Yuji Kubo introduced earlier. Aoi Hamada was tied up with the “Beautiful Skin Shaver” mook, who is in charge of the cover and the model in the booklet.
The Instagram post also reviews the goods that come with the Mook, making it a motivating purchase. If it is a product recommended by beautiful women like Aoi Hamada, many fans will consider purchasing the product.
This is also a good marketing technique that is well devised in consideration of the nature of its own products and Instagrammer.

Yuri Tachibana (@yuuriofficial)

Instagram account: @yuuriofficial | Instagram
Instagram followers: about 49,200 (as of July 2019)
The fifth Instagrammer to introduce is Yuri Tachibana. Yuri Tachibana is a person who is active as a beauty writer in various media. He is one of the leading female hairdressers in Japan, has appeared on TV programs, and is qualified as a makeup advisor.

The main contents of the posting are cosmetic introductions and makeup photos. The new cosmetics information is quickly transmitted, so followers can quickly find attractive cosmetic information.
The biggest feature is the makeup diary. A makeup diary for 365 days a year is posted with explanations of photos and captions. This is a very attractive account where you can learn about cosmetic information for a year of beauty professionals.

Tie-up example with a company: Yuri Tachibana x Aesthetic


Yuri Tachibana is tied up in the beauty magazine “Aesthetic” for women published by Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
In the post, Mr. Yuri Tachibana introduces special articles featuring petit plastic cosmetics that have been well received on Instagram as judges and recommended petit plastic cosmetics that cannot be released now. It seems that there were a lot of magazine purchase reports from followers and fans, and it can be said that this is an effective marketing case that has actually increased sales.


There are many followers of beauty and cosmetics Instagrammers who want to refer to or imitate their favorite Instagrammers as well as fashion and other Instagramrs. Therefore, it can be said to be a genre with many potential customers who are highly motivated to purchase.

As with any genre, the most important aspect of influencer marketing with Instagrammers is to use Instagrammers that are compatible with your company’s products.

Beauty and cosmetics are particularly affected by individual preferences, and products that are applied directly to the body are also affected by physical constitution. You will need to be more careful when choosing an Instagrammer.

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