What are the success stories of influencer marketing Instagram made by a Japanese company?

This time, we will explain the attractiveness and effect of influencer marketing that Japanese companies have set up, with specific examples of the successes of each industry seen in Instagram. .

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing asks a celebrity called an influencer who has an influence on social media on the Internet for advertisements that would have been done using TV commercials where talents appeared in the past. This is a method for PR approach.

Until now, it was an advertisement in the media industry where TV had a strong influence, but nowadays the TV is moving away mainly in the teens to 20s, and we are eagerly checking for the transmission of influential influencers on SNS. The number of young people catching the latest trends is increasing.

Under such circumstances, influencer marketing is highly effective as the latest marketing method that has followed the times. The popularity of commercials and advertisements that companies send directly to users is just dropping, but on the other hand, services and products that influencers utilize their unique personalities are accepted by users who trust the influencers It tends to be easy.

The SNS platform to watch in the influencer marketing case is “Instagram”

Instagram is the most notable social network for talking about influencer marketing examples. It will be new in memory that the word “Instagram”, which means posting posts that attract attention on Instagram, quickly became popular around 2017.

Instagram also derives from the term “photogenic”, which means “picture genius”. A new term “movie gene”, which means movie shine, was also born. Instagram is an SNS with a high potential for PR on both the photo and video axes.

Furthermore, the “shopping function” announced has further increased the affinity between Instagram and influencer marketing. By using this new function, it is now possible to set links to product pages directly from Instagram posts, so the possibility of using the current Instagram for marketing including EC sites is greatly increased You can say that.

A thorough explanation of the success stories of the influencer marketing invented by Japanese companies

This time, we will thoroughly explain the success stories of influencer marketing set up by Japanese companies using the latest information.

The subject of this survey is

Has hash tag “#PR”
Displayed at the top of the page for “#PR”
Influencers with more than 10,000 followers are promoting
More than 1,000 likes

We will introduce the case that cleared these conditions as an Instagram success case of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing success story # 1: “umetomo” x “Black Morimori Slim PR”


Black Morimori Slim is a new product that further enhances the diet effect of Morimori Slim, a healthy tea boasting a cumulative sales record of over 5.1 million boxes. In addition to the ingredients so far, it contains many Puer tea and oolong tea extracts. It is a popular product among dieters as a tea that supports refreshing every morning and keeps beauty and health.

This black Morimori slim is introduced by umetomo (91,000 followers), an influencer who also serves as the Orbis Yuan Bassador. This post has been only 16 hours after the upload at the time of the survey. The counter for “Ne!” Has already exceeded 1,200.

umetomo is an influencer who is primarily active in PR related to beauty, so that users who regularly read umetomo‘s posts are not interested in beauty and diet I can easily imagine it. The word-of-mouth communication of Black Morimori Slim, which is a strong ally of the dieter, has a high affinity with the user base of influencers, so a successful example of influencer marketing that fully understands the characteristics that influencers and users match It can be said that.

Influencer marketing success case # 2: “Ito Arisa” x “Ploom TECH Product Introduction PR”

Ploom TECH is a smoking device developed by the Japan Tobacco Industry that integrates a battery and a control circuit. As a product that you can enjoy smoking using “For Plume Tech”, a tobacco product sold by the company, it has become a popular item.

Introduced this time, Ploom TECH ambassador influencer Arisa Ito (77,000 followers) has posted 1,700 PRs for Ploom TECH even though only 16 hours have been uploaded at the time of the survey. You ’ve earned a “Like” nearby, and you can see how much attention it is.

What is impressive about this post is that the influencer’s feeling of life matches the PR of the product introduction. In this PR post, the story “Ploom TECH does not emit smoke” → “I can enjoy anywhere in the room” → “Ari Ito in pajamas enjoys Bloom TECH” is being developed and the user who is watching Has been devised to understand the strength of the product and nature.

Influencer marketing success story # 3: “Decachiri [DRC Collaboration] YUTA” × “Tokyo Niboshi Ramen Tamano Food Report PR”


As a success story of influencer marketing in the gourmet industry, PR submission of “Tokyo Niboshi Ramen Tam” introduced by DECTA [DRC Collaboration] YUTA (25,000 followers), a popular ramen influencer The At the time of the survey, we have already received nearly 1,600 likes on the first day of uploading.

Dekachiri [DRC Collaboration] YUTA is a collaboration unit where ramen lovers such as the popular YouTuber “SUSURU” that keeps eating only ramen and gathers, and boasts a core popularity as an Instagrammer for ramen fans .

There are many industry-specific human resources among the influencers of these days, and there are such influencers specialized in ramen. By picking up influencers that have an influence on the products you want to promote, you can also gain overwhelming performance for high-affinity users.

Casting micro-influencers with high affinity with products / services you want to promote is essential for success stories in influencer marketing

So far, we have seen concrete examples of influencer marketing’s Instagram successes. Notable among these success stories is the fact that micro-influencers with less than 100,000 people are more likely to be successful in influencer marketing rather than mega-influencers with more than 100,000 to 1 million people.

In fact, the percentage of “likes” for mega influencers is 1.66% and the percentage of comments is 0.05%, whereas the percentage of “likes” for micro influencers is 8.03%. There is also data that the ratio is 0.56%.

Therefore, if you want to make a successful case in influencer marketing in the future, it can be said that casting of micro influencers with high affinity with the products and services you want to promote is essential.

expaus has a large number of micro influencers who are highly influential in each industry, and they are always available to consult about influencer marketing, influencer casting and planning. If you are looking for success in influencer marketing, please contact us at this opportunity.

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