Popular travel influencers(in Japan) and corporate tie-up cases

Photography is essential for travel. Many photos of travel destinations have been posted on Instagram, and it is a very popular genre because you can enjoy superb views from all over the world.
There are also survey results that 46% of those who regularly travel responded that “ use Instagram when planning vacations ”, in recent years seeing photos of travel destinations posted on Instagram There are a lot of users who decide their travel destination.
Influencer marketing with popular travel Instagrammer is a very effective marketing method for travel related companies. This time, we will introduce a tie-up case between a popular travel Instagrammer (influencer) and an actual company that we would like to use as a corporate measure.

5 popular travel Instagrammers on Instagram

Now, let me introduce you to popular travel Instagrammers. Introducing 5 Instagrammers along with their characteristics and case studies with companies.
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1. Halno kujiraoka (@halno)

Instagram account: @halno | Instagram
Followers: Approximately 268,000
The first Instagrammer to introduce is “Halno Kujiraoka”. Floating photos that seem to float in the sky across a broom are popular Instagrammers, and many floating photos taken in various parts of the world visited are posted.

It is a very popular travel Instagrammer who has a unique worldview like traveling around the world on a broom.

Tie-up case with a company: Halno Kujiraoka x Ikuze, Tohoku.

Halno Kujiraoka is tying up with the campaign “Ikaze, Tohoku” run by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). “Ikaze, Tohoku.” Is a campaign to attract tourists and tourists in the Tohoku region by introducing the seasonal attractions, famous places and specialties of the Tohoku region in Japan.
The PR post shows very fantastic and photogenic photos and videos taken by Halno Kujiraoka who visited Zao in Yamagata Prefecture. Of course, floating photographs that straddle your broom, as well as the aerial video using a drone, the production of a broom flying in the sky is very attractive.


2. MANAMI SHIKADA (@manashika)

Instagram account: @manashika | Instagram
Followers: Approximately 107,000
The second person to introduce is “MANAMI SHIKADA”. MANAMI SHIKADA, a nail artist, has posted many photos and videos of travel and nail art. Traveling around the world, many photos and videos of unusual areas that are not familiar to ears are also posted.
There are many posts of photos and videos with bright and warm impressions, making it an account that makes you feel the world is strong. There are many people who can inspire “I want to go on a trip,” and there are a lot of followers who long for MANAMI SHIKADA.

Tie-up with a company: MANAMI SHIKADA × Breitling

MANAMI SHIKADA is tying up the Swiss watch maker “Breitling”, famous for its high-precision chronometer. Watches are very useful even when traveling, so I want to bring good things to travel.
The PR post shows photos of Breitling watches backed by the sea of ​​Mykonos. The photos with attractive composition and focus adjustment look like a product brochure. Although it is a PR post, it has a lot of “likes” and is very highly rated.

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3. Shiho (@ shih0107)

Instagram account: @ shih0107 | Instagram
Number of followers: 100,000
The third intro to introduce is “Poetry”. Shiho is the author of the book “I want to go before I die! The world ’s superb view” series and is a popular travel Instagrammer who posts a lot of photos from around the world.

All posted photos are very colorful and very photogenic. Many posts have been posted from familiar Japanese sights to unexplored places around the world, making it a very attractive account that will surely expand the world of viewers.

Example of tie-up with a company: Shiho x Miyazaki / Oita Superb Selection


Mr. Shiho is tying up the “Miyazaki Oita Scenic Selection” campaign of “Jalan”, a travel magazine published by Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. The special feature page of the campaign introduces recommended spots and tips for enjoying the superb view along with attractive photos.
This PR post shows photos of Oita Prefecture’s Inazumi underwater limestone cave that Mr. Shiho actually visited, and episodes and attractive points are introduced in the caption. The bright blue photos are so fantastic and eye-catching.
Shiho also writes captions in English, which can be appealed to overseas users as an inbound measure.

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Four. MOYA (@ moyamoya2121)

Instagram account: @ moyamoya2121 | Instagram
Number of followers: about 93,100
The fourth person to introduce is MOYA. In addition to posting photos taken at travel destinations, there are also many posts introducing fashion and miscellaneous goods. It is also an Instagram grammar that is a child-rearing mom and a popular Instagram grammar among mother users.


Traveled to various places with your child. A lot of everyday scenery is also seen, and it is also popular that you can see MOYA’s high-class lifestyle.

Tie-up with a company: MOYA x Aomori KAWAII gift


MOYA has tied up with “Aomori KAWAII Gift”, which is creating and improving Aomori’s “KAWAII” gift for women. MOYA has been appointed as an advisor for “Aomori KAWAII Gift”, and this PR post introduces the cherry tree in Aomori called “Juno Heart”.
The composition of the photo that reflects the red color of the main cherries is a popular Instagrammer. Travel Instagram followers are also interested in local specialties and so on, so it can be said that it is very effective to appoint popular travel Instagrammers to improve the popularity of local specialties and souvenirs. Let’s do it.

 5. AOI (@tammychannn)

Instagram account: @tammychannn | Instagram
Number of followers: 67,900
The 5th person to introduce is “AOI”. AOI is an Instagrammer of “Pro Traveler” belonging to Bee Works Co., Ltd. “Pro-traveler” is a registered trademark of Bee Works Co., Ltd., and refers to female travelers with excellent expressiveness aiming to make many women travel by telling the beauty of travel .


Of course, photogenic pictures taken at the travel destination, as well as videos finished like a promotional movie, are wonderful. Many of the posts that make you want to go on a trip are also pro-travelers.

Example of tie-up with a company: AOI x Soratabi Life


AOI is tied up with “Sora Tabi Life” of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA). In the “Soratavi Life”, the above-mentioned pro-travelers introduce travel around Japan and Hawaii. Mr. AOI has been introduced as a traveller, and this post introduces Okinawa travel of “Solatabi Life” along with photos of Okinawa travel.

Popular travel Instagrammer is good at telling the charm of travel destinations and activities. Because there are many followers, it can be said that appointing popular travel Instagrammer for marketing such as travel plans is a very effective marketing method.


Introduced 5 popular travel Instagrammers who would like to use the measures. Did you know that everyone has a unique travel style and posting style?
A popular travel instagrammer with abundant travel experience is an influencer who has many followers and a travel professional with abundant travel experience and ability to disseminate information. There are many people who have a sense more than a marketer in technology that conveys the appeal of travel. The followers and fans are also very good potential customers because they are people who love and are interested in travel.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to consider the popular travel Instagrammer who can expect a great marketing effect?

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